Mission Statement

The primary and distinct mission of the Faith Baptist Church Youth Ministry is to actively involve the youth in outreach to their peers and service to their community, challenging them to put their faith in action and love their neighbors.

To provide opportunities for youth to experience various cultures though speakers, food, film, music, and etc. Our Youth Advisors look to enhance our youth’s Christian education by incorporating spiritual growth in their lively development.


  • To teach our youth how to empower themselves to live as disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ.
  • To teach our youth to have the desire to attain a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To provide leadership for our youth and build relationships with our youth and their parent and/or guardian.

The Ministry


Sister Caprice Woods

Assistant Director/Secretary

Deaconess Jahvan Cox


Deaconess Patricia Goods

Spiritual Advisor:

Minister Mark Cheatham


Sister Barbara Dinkins
Sister Pamela Nichols
Sister Sheila Smallwood
Brother Cortez Martin