“I had rather be a doorkeeper and stand at the threshold in the house of my God than to dwell [at ease] in the tents of wickedness.” Psalms 84:1


The purpose of the Senior Usher Ministry is to promote the divine worship of the church.

The presence of God in the church and the use of His Holy Word require reverence in the way service is conducted; therefore, the first thing the usher must do is to establish a setting appropriate for worship.

The usher is often the first official representative of Jesus Christ and the church that people see when they enter God’s house.

Silently, they express the welcome to the church. As the people gather and are seated in the church, an atmosphere of worship can be created by seeing that they assemble in an orderly manner, and that a spirit of quietness and reverence prevails in and around the church building.

As it is written in Habbakkuk 2:30, “…the Lord is in His holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before Him.”

Maintaining order and decency is one of the objectives of the church usher. “Let all things be done decently and in order. (1 Corinthians 14:40).

Acting as servants of the church, the ushers stand and serve as good soldiers who guard the doors at all times during the services.

Their service influences the work of the minister, the church officers, the musicians and choir, and the comforts and needs of the entire congregation.

Adult church members are welcomed to serve with the Senior Ushers’ Ministry.

Senior Ushers’ Ministry Officers and Members



Sis. Essie Yon

Vice President

Sis. Carolyn Johns

Recording Secretary

Sis. Maudie M. Powell

Assistant Recording Secretary

Sis. Bernadette Woods

Financial Secretary

Sis. Tammy Pinter


Bro. Richard Johns


Bro. Wayne Harrod


Sis. Barbara Dinkins

Sis. Shelia Bell

Sis. Ada Bradley

Sis. Ellen Britt

Sis. Geraldine Brooks

Sis. Susie Comeaux

Bro. Eugene Cook

Sis. Marie Doughty

Bro. Sterling Duncan

Sis. Mincy Edmond

Sis. Margie Epps

Sis. Helen Ford

Bro. Lincoln Green

Bro. James Hargraves

Sis. Karen Johnson

Bro. Herman Jones

Bro. Joseph Leary

Sis. Rhonda Lowery

Sis. Michael Lowrie

Bro. Michael Mitchell

Sis. Carolyn Perry