The Junior Ushers Ministry labors to promote the divine worship and support the overall mission of the Faith Baptist Church.

Mission Statement

We are committed to: Evangelize the world, Edify the body of Christ, and
Glorify God.


We strive to be faithful and obedient servants.

To serve God through our own worship and praise.

To promote the spread of the gospel. To witness to the unsaved so that they may accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

To encourage each usher to promote spiritual growth. To serve as examples to other youth with our conduct and commitment to service.

To greet each congregant with a loving smile as they enter the house of worship.

To let our lights shine so that others may see Christ in us and therefore glorify our Heavenly Father.



Sis. Sonya Johnson


Sis. Angelice McPherson

Sis. Stephanie Cunningham

Sis. Jennifer Freeland

Trustee Eugene Cook